Thursday, June 23, 2011


We bring you back 2009 memories of FA Racing first time involvement in rally, we volunteered to manage the winner, Faidzal Alang & Hazwan Fauzi from a reality Astro tv program "Malaysian Rally Champion, Zero2Hero" organized by Wheel Sport Management to participate in Malaysia Rally Championship 2009. It was their first time involvement too but both of them have proven their talent in rally.

Our special thanks also to our sponsors that have helped us during that year which is Proton, Wheel Sport Management, Silverstone, RACE, Yard Speedworks, SP Tech & Nick, Asahi & The Briyani.

We bring you back to 2009.....

Round 1, Cyberjaya 

Round 2, Perlis

Round 3, Johor Bahru

Round 4, Sepang

Round 5, Bukit Merah Lake Town